Nissi Chef Coffee - Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Point-Of-Sale (POS) is a powerful software to help you take control of your commercial operations! It empowers your operations with easy-to-use software for tracking sales and makes your operations simpler, safer and easier. It is designed to meet the demands of a single independent branch as well as chain of branches. It ensures a smart and smooth operation. It offers the feature of creating a custom order at the Point of Sale (POS). This allows you to satisfy and track orders of customers who walk in to the Restaurant.

Void KOT
When an order is placed into the kitchen, and for some reason the order has been canceled by the customer or if in case the employee feels the order has to be canceled, it can be done with this option called Void KOT, which is available in the Chef Coffee POS of Catering and Restaurant ERP.

Modules of “Nissi Chef Coffee “

The modules of POS are categorized into

  • Admin Operations or Masters
  • Transactions
  • Reports

Admin Operations or Masters

This module includes the configuration settings for the processes happening in our day to day sales operations. This includes the modules like

  • Table Image Creation
  • Discount Type
  • Preparation Remarks
  • Payment Type
  • Change Password
  • Outlet Type
  • Outlet Creation
  • Room Creation
  • Table creation
  • Waiter Creation
  • Void Category
  • Void Reason
  • Ex. Rate Master
  • Printer Mapping
  • Peripheral Assignment
  • Peripheral Settings
  • Happy Hours
  • Day End Process


This module includes all the processes or transactions done in the outlet. It includes order types such as “Dine Inn” and “Take Away”. Dine Inn indicates that the customers having their food in the Restaurant itself. Take Away is like parcelling the food items.

Dine Inn includes the modules like

  • Kitchen Order Ticket(KOT)
  • Receipt
  • Settlement
  • KOT Transfer
  • Table Transfer

Take Away includes only Receipt similar to Dine Inn Receipt.

The other Transaction modules are

  • Recall KOT
  • Recall Receipt
  • Void KOT
  • Void Receipt
  • Split Receipt
  • Settle Receipt
  • Receipt Reprint
  • Settlement Report


The Reports are in the form of Crystal Reports. The receipts will be shown in crystal reports. The report is available for Receipt.