Nissi Chef Coffee

Restaurant & Catering Management System

Who We Are

Welcome to Nissi Chef the “Catering & Restaurant(s) Management ERP” which is Cloud based, Web based, Mobile compatible, accessible from anywhere anytime.
Controlling the food cost, inventory, skilled and unskilled labour has become the greatest challenge of food chains and restaurants. Nissi Infotech Private Limited has been working hand in hand with hotel chains and restaurants and is pleased to announce the invention of “Nissi Chef Coffee” kitchen and hotel chain ERP which can be used to track and manage all the activities happening from “market to mouth” ™ in your establishments. That’s why we have coined this slogan “kitchen complications simplified “.

“Nissi Chef Coffee “modules:-

  • Inventory Management
    • Stores
    • Purchase Management
    • Vendor Management
  • Production Cost Control Management
  • Bill of Materials
  • Point of Sale (POS)

Key Points about “Nissi Chef Coffee “:

  • Keeps track of your food production from “market to mouth”.
  • Controls cost, tracks wastage, increases profitability.
  • Now freedom of using your software from Home, car, airport, etc., 24/7
  • No need to buy any costly software from any vendor
  • No need to maintain costly local servers
  • Adding additional branches, new user at a branch is at a “click of button.”
  • access Login control with permissions
  • Re-Order level – Email Alerts
  • B.O.M – Bill of Material
  • Automatic Purchase Requisition
  • Automatic Stores Issue
  • Less Manual Entries
  • Access Login Control with permissions
  • Cumulative Kitchen closing stock to next day automatically

Reports of “Nissi Chef Coffee “:

  • Purchase Order Report.
  • Stock Transfer Report.
  • Stock Summary
  • Ledger
  • Daily Issue Cost Report
  • Cost of Production
  • Wastage Cost Report with details.
  • Daily Kitchen Closing Stock Report.
  • System Closing Stock vs Physical Closing Stock.
  • Purchase Requisition Report.

Features of “Nissi Chef Coffee “:

  • SMS Alert
  • Report Export into Excel
  • Automatic Closing Stock
  • Status Report
  • Issue Cost Value
  • Usage Value
  • Kitchen Closing Stock Monitoring
  • Daily Wastage Monitoring
  • Supplier Payments
  • Stock Transfer for Raw material
  • Automatic Stock Transfer Chart
  • Kitchen Chart
  • Handling Combo Products
  • Multiple Departments
  • Access Multiple Users Login Control
  • Re Order Level Alert
  • FIFO Method